Training Information

For more detailed information about learning to fly and what is involved, please also see our separate pages on LAPL training and on PPL training

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Flight Training Fees – Discounted Rates – Flying Only

Please note, the prices below are for flight training only. Please see the bottom of this page for details of ancillary costs such as landing fees, exam fees etc.

Cessna 152PA28-161 WarriorPA28-181 ArcherPA28-200 Arrow
LAPL (30 hours)£5,460.00£5,850.00£6,150.00£7,350.00
PPL (45 hours)£8,190.00£8,775.00£9,225.00£11,025.00
Night Qualification£960.00£1,060.00£1,100.00£1,250.00
IMC Rating£2,880.00£3,180.00£3,300.00£3,750.00
Aerobatics Rating£1,920.00
Safety Pilot Course£1,820.00£1,950.00£2,050.00£2,450.00
  • Based on minimum flight hours at discounted rate, inclusive of VAT. Landing, circuit & approach fees are additional.
  • The discounted rate is available by payment of the package costs in two equal installments, except the night qualification which must be paid in full.

Hourly Rates

Rates per hour for training (the discounted price is the price per hour from buying the training package – see above). Prices include VAT but exclude landing fees. Training prices include pre-flight briefings and relevant ground school. Additional ground school (on request) charged at £42.50 per hour. 

Cessna 152

Rate (Pay as you Go / Discounted)PAYGDiscounted
Basic Training (Dual/Solo)£198.00£182.00
Night Training£208.00£192.00
IMC Training£208.00£192.00
FIC (R)£286.00£266.00
FI (Applied Instruments)£286.00£266.00
FI (Aerobatic)£286.00£266.00
FI (Night)£294.00£294.00

PA28-161 Warrior 160HP

Training Rate (Pay as you Go / Discounted)PAYGDiscounted
Basic Training (Dual/Solo)£215.00£195.00
Night Training£228.00£212.00
IMC Training£228.00£212.00
FIC (R)£308.00£280.00

PA28-181 Archer 180HP

Training Rate (Pay as you Go / Discounted)PAYGDiscounted
Basic Training (Dual/Solo)£225.00£205.00
Night Training£240.00£220.00
IMC Training£240.00£220.00
CPL- please see our “Professional Training” page£266.00£250.00
FIC (R) – please see our “Professional Training” page£308.00£280.00
FI (Night) – please see our “Professional Training” page£330.00£330.00
Instrument Ratings (CB-IR / IR / EIR) – please see our “Professional Training” page£270.00£260.00

PA28-201R Arrow 200HP

Training Rate (Pay as you Go / Discounted)PAYGDiscounted
Basic Training (Dual/Solo)£255.00£245.00
Night Training£260.00£250.00
IMC Training£260.00£250.00
CPL – please see our “Professional Training” page£290.00£270.00
Instrument Ratings (CB-IR / IR / EIR) – please see our “Professional Training” page£290.00£270.00

What about other costs?

The tables above display our formal pricing structure that you can use to compare our prices with other companies. Realistically, however, quoted prices rarely tell the full story, so we have attempted below to provide an example of a “typical” PPL course, in a C152, to give you an idea of the real cost for budgeting purposes.

ItemTypical Cost
CAA medical:
A bit like a TV licence – it doesn’t actually do anything but you have to have a medical certificate before we can send you solo.
Club membership (Annual membership pro-rata):
Membership runs from April to March and includes your insurance cover.
Forty-five hours flight training at discounted rate:
We aim to get you to test standard in 45 hours but do keep in mind that many people find that they need a few extra hours.
Landing and Circuit fees estimate:
You pay one landing fee per flight – on balance one landing per hour gives a reasonable estimate. Circuits depend on aptitude so estimated only.
Books and equipment:
There are 7 books to buy and a selection of flight and navigation equipment like charts and kneeboards.
Theory exams and radio telephony (RT) practical:
With a little industry it is perfectly possible to pass all nine written exams and the RT practical first time.
Flight test:
This estimate includes the examiner’s test fee and hire of the aircraft. Most of our students achieve a first-time pass.
Grand Total:
There you have it – a bit more than the ‘quoted’ price but including all the little extras. If you compare our prices with others do check what’s included!


We are able to examine for:

  • PPL – both for initial issue and renewal tests (if you haven’t succeeded in flying enough hours)
  • LAPL – both for initial issue and renewal tests (as above)
  • IMC – both for initial issue and renewal tests
  • Radio Telephony – initial issue
  • Ground Examinations – these can be taken with us whether or not you are a student of ours. All exams are charged at £55 each. Ground school training is also available, please contact us for details and charges.
  • FIC – both for initial issue and renewal tests
  • PPL/LAPL Examiner – both for initial issue and renewal tests
  • English Language Proficiency