Aircraft Hire

Looking for a flying club based at Shoreham Airport to hire aircraft from? With access to an extensive fleet of aircraft we are able to offer aircraft hire with excellent availability and no enforced minimum hours.

From Brighton City Airport we operate both Cessna 152’s and PA-28’s available for private hire to our club members. From our other base at Redhill we have also a PA-28 Arrow and PA-34 Seneca available to hire.

Membership is valid at both clubs so does not need to be paid twice should you wish to fly from a different airfield.

Whether you’re looking to just keep current with circuits or planning a week long trip around the Scottish Highlands and Islands, don’t hesitate give us a call or email to have a chat to one of our ops staff!

Hour Building

Shoreham Aviation is in the unique position of not only owning all our aircraft but also having maintenance in house. Because of this we are able to offer the most competitively priced aircraft hire at Shoreham.

With an extensive fleet of Cessna 152’s and Piper PA-28’s used between the flying schools and leased out to other schools, we always have access to more aircraft if needed to ensure availability is never an issue.

MembershipYearlyMonthlyDay MembershipPassengers

Hourly Rates

Prices listed below are wet and inclusive of VAT but exclude landing and circuit fees. We do not charge a fuel surcharge on any of our rates.

Hourly RatesBlock of hoursCessna 152PA28-161 Warrior 160HPPA28-181 Archer 180HPPiper PA28R ARROW 200HPPiper PA34-220T SENECA
Standard Price£145.00£165.00£185.00£240.00£420.00
Discounted Rate15+ hours£128.00£147.00£160.00£210.00n/a
Mondays, Tuesday & Wednesday£128.00£147.00£160.00£210.00n/a

Hourly Rates – (From 6th May 2024)

Hourly RatesBlock of hoursCessna 152 & AerobatPA28-161 WarriorPA28-181 ArcherPiper PA28R ARROW 200HPPiper PA34-220T SENECA
Standard Price£155.00£175.00£195.00£250.00£420.00
Discounted Rate15+ hours£138.00£155.00£165.00£220.00n/a
Mondays, Tuesday & Wednesday only£138.00£155.00£165.00£220.00n/a

Remember you can always top up your account online.

Club Check-out & Shoreham familiarisation online course

The Shoreham club checkout consists of a minimum of two flights to cover the following:

  • General handling
  • A briefing of navigation in the local area to include all VRPs used in departure and re-join procedures, and local airspace restrictions

To assist with your club checkout we encourage you to complete our free Shoreham familiarisation course on Canvas. This online course is designed to provide you with additional resources and information about Brighton City Airport and our procedures.

To enroll in the free course, simply fill out the form below. If you already have a Canvas account with us, the course will be added directly to your account. Otherwise, you’ll receive an email to set up a new canvas account.