The Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) course consists of a minimum of 45 hours’ flying training, and covers the syllabus set out by the CAA which includes solo flights, navigation exercises plus one 150 NM solo “Qualifying Cross County” flight, incorporating a landing at two different airfields.  

Students start with the basic exercises – the handling of the aircraft on the ground and in the air under the guidance of our professionally qualified and experienced instructors.   

Once proficient in the basic exercises, the student progresses to solo flight, more advanced manoeuvres and cross country flying, acquiring practical experience and landing at other airfields.  Radiotelephony is now an integral part of the course. Having full Air Traffic Control at Redhill means that students benefit from exposure to this service right from the start.     

At intervals throughout the course, students will be required to take nine written (multiple choice) theory exams. These can be sat at Shoreham Aviation and comprise: 

  • Air Law *  
  • Operational Procedures *
  • Human Performance *
  • Navigation **
  • Meteorology **
  • Communications
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Principles of flight
  • Flight Performance & Planning

*= Required before first solo

**= Required before first solo cross country

We are able to supply all books and equipment required for the PPL course through our in-house shop.  

Preparation for the exams is all self-study, but we can provide ground school if you need assistance with a particular subject. Most problems are often overcome with a cup of tea and a briefing both before and after your lesson!  

The practical exams which must also be taken comprise:

  • Before their first solo, students are required to obtain a Class 2 Medical, carried out by a CAA registered doctor (known as an Aeromedical Examiner or “AME”).
  • Radio telephony exam.
  • Licensing Skills Test. This is taken at the very end of the course to demonstrate the checks, manoeuvres and navigational skills that have been taught. We have our own in-house examiners.  

The course is competitively priced and includes the cost of all flight training (excluding flight tests), ground briefings and insurance. However, it does not include landing or circuit charges at Shoreham, £26.50 (£29.50 PA28) £12.00 respectively each time.  

Training Package – Discounted Rates

  • Based on minimum flight hours at discounted rate, inclusive of VAT.  Landing, circuit & approach fees are additional. A full breakdown including all the additional costs can be found here.
  • The discounted rate is available by payment of the package costs in two equal installments.
Cessna 152 PA28-161 WarriorPA28-181 Archer PA28-200 Arrow 
PPL (45 hours)£8,190.00£8,775.00£9,225.00£11,025.00

Training Package – Discounted Rates – (From 6th May 2024)

Cessna 152 PA28-161 WarriorPA28-181 Archer PA28-200 Arrow 
PPL (45 hours)£8,910.00£9,225.00£9,675.00