IMC Rating

The IMC rating qualifies you to fly IFR in class D to G airspace, together with making instrument approaches down to an absolute minimum of 500 feet. The course consists of 15 hours of dual instruction, a simple written exam and a flight test. Instruction includes: 

  • Instrument flying (full and limited panel)
  • Unusual attitude recoveries
  • Instrument approaches (ILS, NDB, VOR, SRA, RNAV)
  • Radio Navigation

Validity is for 25 months and requires a test to revalidate. Course entry requirements: 

  • 25 hours flying time since PPL issue of which
  • 10 hours must be PIC including 5 hours cross-country

The IMC rating is recorded on your EASA licence as an IR(R) – Instrument Rating (Restricted) – or if you maintain your CAA licence, it remains as an IMC. Please note that the rating cannot be added to a LAPL, it is also only recognized within UK airspace.

As with all other courses, please contact us should you have any questions, or better still arrange a visit to speak to a senior instructor to discuss your flying needs.

IR(R) / IMC Training Package – Discounted Rates

  • Based on minimum flight hours at discounted rate, inclusive of VAT.  Landing, circuit & approach fees are additional.
  • The discounted rate is available by payment of the package costs in full.
Cessna 152PA28-161 WarriorPA28-181 Archer PA28-200 Arrow 
IR(R) / IMC Rating£2,880.00£3,180.00£3,300.00£3,750.00

IR(R) / IMC Training Package – (From 6th May 2024)

Cessna 152PA28-161 WarriorPA28-181 Archer PA28-200 Arrow 
IR(R) / IMC Rating£3,150.00£3,300.00£3,450.00£3,900.00

Please note that the IR(R) is a significantly different course from the “full” Instrument Rating. For more information about the various Instrument Rating courses we offer, please click here to take you to the relevant Professional Training page.