Training for a LAPL (Light Aircraft Pilot’s Licence) has similar requirements to the EASA PPL, except the flight training time needed is a minimum of 30 hours with a shorter (100 NM) solo qualifying cross country flight.

The LAPL is not a licence recognised outside Europe. Other restrictions are that flights can only go ahead in good weather (known as VFR) and with no more than 3 passengers, plus a maximum aircraft weight of 2000Kgs.

The LAPL course takes a minimum of 30 hours, of which:

  • 15 hours dual instruction
  • 6 hours solo, of which 3 must be cross country
  • 1 hour instrument flying
  • 9 theory exams
  • Practical radio exam
  • Flight test with one of our examiners
  • You will also need a medical from an approved GP – the medical required for a LAPL is less onerous than that for a PPL
  • After licence issue, 10 hours’ solo flying is required before carrying passengers.   

We are able to supply all books and equipment required for the LAPL course through our shop.

As with the PPL, preparation for the exams is all self-study but we can provide ground school if you need extra assistance with a particular subject.

Training Package – Discounted Rates

  • Based on minimum flight hours at discounted rate, inclusive of VAT.  Landing, circuit & approach fees are additional.
  • The discounted rate is available by payment of the package costs in two equal installments. 
Cessna 152 PA28-161 WarriorPA28-181 Archer PA28-200 Arrow 
LAPL (30 hours)£5,460.00£5,850.00£6,150.00£7,350.00

Training Package – Discounted Rates(From 6th May 2024)

Cessna 152 
PA28-161 Warrior
PA28-181 Archer 
PA28-200 Arrow 
LAPL (30 hours)£5,940.00£6,150.00£6,450.00