Should I book through an “Experience Provider”?

We can offer our own Air Experience Vouchers to give as presents, in the same way as the well-known Experience Providers. Our prices are normally much more competitive because there is no middleman. You can purchase a voucher direct from us online. If you have any questions feel free to give our team a call!

We are also able to fulfil voucher flights for all of the popular Experience Providers such as Red Letter Days, Into the Blue, Virgin etc.

Can I buy a voucher for a child?

As a general rule, we find that it is best for an unaccompanied child to be aged 12 or older to fully appreciate the experience. The instructor will provide cushions for anyone of short stature.

If you wish for a younger child to enjoy an air experience, we would recommend booking our four-seat aircraft so that the child may be accompanied.

How long does a voucher last?

Our vouchers last for nine months from the date of purchase, making them a perfect to give as a gift. For further information, please see our terms and conditions.

Can a passenger come too?

Yes! If you book a flight in our PA28 aircraft, then you can bring someone else to sit in the back too (subject to mass & balance restrictions).

If you choose a Land-Away Experience then both of you can take a turn at flying!

Does an Air Experience count towards a licence?

Yes! The great news is that if you go on to learn to fly, you can log an Air Experience flight as the very first flight in your logbook and the time counts towards the minimum required for a licence. If you wish to buy a logbook, we can supply these from our in-house shop.

Is it possible for my flight to be filmed?

We would be happy to make a video of your flight, either by ordering in advance or requesting filming on the day, so you have a lasting memory of the occasion and can share it with friends and family. After the flight, we will supply the SD card to take away with you and make a small additional charge of just £15 for this.

Is there a size limit?

For the comfort of our passengers, our normal limits on a Cessna 152 are 6′ tall and 14 stone (or metric equivalents). However, as long as the flight is not aerobatic, we are usually able to accommodate up to 15.5 stone with a lightweight instructor.

As for the PA28, we have no stated size limit – the only requirement being that passengers are able to safely and easily enter/exit the aircraft.

What if it rains on the day?

Efficient as we are, even we cannot control the British weather! We advise all customers to ring us before setting out for their journey just to check that the flight can go ahead. If customers are booked in for an early morning flight, or have a very long journey to make, we suggest that they give us a call on the afternoon before to discuss the forecast for the day itself.

If the weather isn’t suitable on the day, we will rearrange the flight for a mutually convenient alternative. Please see our terms and conditions for further information.

How much of the flying will I do?

Our instructors will endeavour to give you as much hands-on flying as they can. On completion of a 30 minute lesson, you should have a basic understanding of how the controls work, which includes pitching  the aircraft into a climb and descent, rolling  the aircraft into a banked position and yawing  the aircraft by use of the rudder. Our aim is that you will be able to fly straight, level and be able to turn the aeroplane!

If you choose the extended lesson, other items included will be trimming  the aeroplane, use of flaps  and a more detailed understanding of the effects of controls. Other aircraft systems will be explained and you will have more time to put your newly learned skills into practice.

I live locally – can I fly over my house?

Where possible, we will endeavour to fulfil any particular requests. Please give us a call before booking to discuss your requirements.

I have a disability – can I fly?

Please give us a call to discuss your particular requirements and we will do our very best to accommodate your needs.