Safety Pilot/Co-Pilot Course

The AOPA Flying Companion’s course has been constructed to enable those who fly regularly with a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) holder to be more involved in the flights and, therefore, more confident when flying as a passenger.

The course does not lead to a pilot’s licence, but it must be conducted by a qualified Flight Instructor. It is appreciated that some flying companions may wish to continue training for their PPL and the hours flown on the course may be counted towards that qualification. However, it should be noted that the syllabus is an abridged version of the early flight exercises and ground studies for the PPL and as such, only covers parts of the full PPL training requirements.

Similarly, those wishing to assist with the operation of the radio on a private flight would ultimately need to hold a Radiotelephony Licence and their instructor will be able to advise how to achieve this. 

The basic safety pilot course consists of a minimum of ten hours’ flight training with a qualified Flight Instructor and does not involve any practical or theoretical tests. If you would like to know more, please get in touch for a no-obligation chat about your requirements or with any questions you may have.

Safety Pilot/Co-Pilot Course Package

  • Based on minimum flight hours at discounted rate, inclusive of VAT.  Landing, circuit & approach fees are additional.
  • The discounted rate is available by payment of the package costs in two equal installments.
Cessna 152PA28-161 WarriorPA28-181 ArcherPA28-200 Arrow 
Safety Pilot Course£1,820.00£1,950.00£2,050.00£2,450.00

Safety Pilot/Co-Pilot Course Package – (From 6th May 2024)

Cessna 152PA28-161 WarriorPA28-181 ArcherPA28-200 Arrow 
Safety Pilot Course£1,980.00£2,050.00£2,150.00£2,550.00