Training Information

For more detailed information about learning to fly and what is involved, please also see our separate pages on LAPL training and on PPL training

Already got a Pilot’s Licence and looking to add a new rating? Please click on the appropriate tab for further information on each of the courses we offer.

Flight Training Fees – Discounted Rates – Flying Only

Please note, the prices below are for flight training only. Please see the bottom of this page for details of ancillary costs such as landing fees, exam fees etc.

Cessna 152PA28-161 WarriorPA28-181 ArcherPA28-200 ArrowPA34-220T Seneca
LAPL (30 hours)£4,896.00£4,995.00£5,400.00
PPL (45 hours)£6,885.00£7,492.50£8,100.00
Night Qualification£810.00£900.00£954.00£1,180.00
IMC Rating£2,445.00£2,700.00£2,902.50£3,675.00
Aerobatics Rating£1,638.00
Safety Pilot Course£1,530.00£1,850.00£2,000.00POA
  • Based on minimum flight hours at discounted rate, inclusive of VAT. Landing, circuit & approach fees are additional.
  • The discounted rate is available by payment of the package costs in two equal instalments, except the night qualification which must be paid in full.

Hourly Rates

Rates per hour for training (the discounted price is the price per hour from buying the training package – see above). Prices include VAT but exclude landing fees. Training prices include pre-flight briefings and relevant ground school. Additional ground school (on request) charged at £35 per hour. 

Cessna 152

Rate (Pay as you Go / Discounted)PAYGDiscounted
Basic Training (Dual/Solo)£170.00£153.00
Night Training£182.00£163.80
IMC Training£182.00£163.80
FIC (R)£276.00£246.00
FI (Applied Instruments)£285.00£256.00
FI (Aerobatic)£277.00£253.00
FI (Night)£294.00£294.00

PA28-161 Warrior 160HP

Training Rate (Pay as you Go / Discounted)PAYGDiscounted
Basic Training (Dual/Solo)£185.00£166.50
Night Training£200.00£180.00
IMC Training£200.00£180.00
FIC (R)£308.00£280.00

PA28-181 Archer 180HP

Training Rate (Pay as you Go / Discounted)PAYGDiscounted
Basic Training (Dual/Solo)£200.00£180.00
Night Training£215.00£193.50
IMC Training£215.00£193.50
CPL- please see our “Professional Training” page£266.00£250.00
FIC (R) – please see our “Professional Training” page£308.00£280.00
FI (Night) – please see our “Professional Training” page£330.00£330.00
Instrument Ratings (CB-IR / IR / EIR) – please see our “Professional Training” page£270.00£260.00

PA28-201R Arrow 200HP

Training Rate (Pay as you Go / Discounted)PAYGDiscounted
Basic Training (Dual/Solo)£245.00£236.00
Night Training£245.00£236.00
IMC Training£245.00£236.00
CPL – please see our “Professional Training” page£290.00£270.00
Instrument Ratings (CB-IR / IR / EIR) – please see our “Professional Training” page£290.00

What about other costs?

The tables above display our formal pricing structure that you can use to compare our prices with other companies. Realistically, however, quoted prices rarely tell the full story, so we have attempted below to provide an example of a “typical” PPL course, in a C152, to give you an idea of the real cost for budgeting purposes.

ItemTypical Cost
CAA medical:
A bit like a TV licence – it doesn’t actually do anything but you have to have a medical certificate before we can send you solo.
Club membership (Annual membership pro-rata):
Membership runs from April to March and includes your insurance cover.
Forty-five hours flight training at discounted rate:
We aim to get you to test standard in 45 hours but do keep in mind that many people find that they need a few extra hours.
Landing and Circuit fees estimate:
You pay one landing fee per flight – on balance one landing per hour gives a reasonable estimate. Circuits depend on aptitude so estimated only.
Books and equipment:
There are 7 books to buy and a selection of flight and navigation equipment like charts and kneeboards.
Theory exams and radio telephony (RT) practical:
With a little industry it is perfectly possible to pass all nine written exams and the RT practical first time.
Flight test:
This estimate includes the examiner’s test fee and hire of the aircraft. Most of our students achieve a first-time pass.
Grand Total:
There you have it – a bit more than the ‘quoted’ price but including all the little extras. If you compare our prices with others do check what’s included!


We are able to examine for:

  • PPL – both for initial issue and renewal tests (if you haven’t succeeded in flying enough hours)
  • LAPL – both for initial issue and renewal tests (as above)
  • IMC – both for initial issue and renewal tests
  • Radio Telephony – initial issue
  • Ground Examinations – these can be taken with us whether or not you are a student of ours. All exams are charged at £55 each. Ground school training is also available, please contact us for details and charges.
  • FIC – both for initial issue and renewal tests
  • PPL/LAPL Examiner – both for initial issue and renewal tests
  • English Language Proficiency

Training Testimonials

Alistair, 12 October 2018

PPL Training – Could you please extend our personal thanks to Islam & Laurance for arranging for Shaun to be tested and achieve his Flight Radiotelephony Operator’s Licence last Sunday evening?

Not only did it enable Shaun to complete his Private Pilot Licence application straight afterwards, but it also meant the following morning that he could demonstrate to his RAF University Air Squadron interviewers (on his 3rd selection round) of his tenacity to complete his PPL and continued commitment to fly. We are delighted to share with your team (& flight training school community too) the good news we’ve now heard today – Shaun’s done really well and now been invited to join their annual intake of only 35 students (from eight universities across the South of England) being offered a place (subject to medical) with Southampton University Air Squadron.

Having made a great start with Redhill Aviation, Shaun’s been advised the next phase of his flight training will include formation flying and aerobatics on 213mph Grob Tutors flying above MOD Boscombe Down. He wouldn’t have achieved this opportunity without your team’s tuition & support, so again a massive thank you from our family to you all!

Jon, 27 October 2017

Redhill Aviation has extremely friendly staff and highly trained instructors!

I originally began my PPL course back in 2008 at Blackbushe Aviation, which back then was Redhill Aviation’s sister company. After a fairly lengthy break due to my financial situation and moving, I decided to speak with Redhill about picking up where I left off in 2009.

I was informed that for my previous hours to be credited towards my PPL, I would need to apply to the CAA for an Exemption, who granted it and told me that this would only be valid until 29th September 2017.

The staff and instructors at Redhill Aviation relished the challenge to get me through the remainder of the course, non-stop throughout September, battling against the typical British Weather and managed to get me through the course, passing my Skills Test first time with a week to spare.

Brendan, 18 October 2017

Excellent flying school.  Very friendly staff, top instructors, good selection of aircraft and a super airfield to fly from.  Definitely be going back to do some aeros! 

Alex, 5 October 2017

Proficiency check & aircraft hire – Lovely people, very good organisation, very welcoming and managed to sort me out with a plane at very short notice for a whole weekend. Had a check flight today with Jim who was excellent. I will definitely come back!

Chris, 12 April 2017

PPL proficiency check – Just a short note to thank you for checking me out today Laurance. Your relaxed yet professional (and understanding!) approach very much appreciated. Thanks again.

Al, 4 April 2017

PPL Training – Without a doubt, Redhill Aviation is the best flying club. I have been a flying student previously for achieving PPL in Scotland (used different airfields) and can say with my experience that Redhill is the best in all aspects. I achieved my PPL from Redhill. The staff are good and friendly. Instructors are very helpful and approachable. Everyone is very supportive. Experience flights for my friends have been great as well. Very professional and friendly club.

Aeryn, 30 January 2017

PPL Training – From my first email contact with Redhill Aviation, the team there have always been super friendly, efficient and professional. After booking a 30 minute trial flight with them I was hooked and am now about half way through my private pilot’s licence course at Redhill.
If you have ever dreamed of becoming a pilot or if you just want to experience the thrill of flight in a light aircraft, Redhill Aviation is a great place to start.

Edward, 1 December 2016

IMC lesson – Thank you Laurance for the lesson on Sunday, I loved it and it has only made me want to fly more.

Simon, 24 July 2016

PPL training – From first flight to Pilots Licence success, Redhill Aviation have been the backbone of my flying. They operate with a friendly club style vibe, whilst still giving the professional tuition you would expect from any flying school.

At the club building you are greeted by friendly staff, there’s always a cuppa on offer and a chat about something ‘aviation’.

The instructors are highly knowledgeable of the aircraft, flight operations and the local area. For most it’s a passion not just a job and this certainly comes through in the training I received.

I’d wholeheartedly recommend this club for anyone from an experience flight, private pilot training and more!

Tony, 15 July 2016

In 2012 I retired after 43 years of professional flying. A few years later, missing recreational flying, I decided to reactivate my private licence. I flew a series of re-familiarisation flights (having not seen a light aircraft for 29 years!) followed by a ‘skills test’ with Redhill Aviation. Their training package was expertly tailored to my needs with comprehensive briefings and patient flying sessions conducted in an efficient and friendly atmosphere. Having instructed myself for many years, I can wholeheartedly recommend Laurance and his team. Why not try a trial lesson….?

David, 15 May 2016 

Thank you Laurance for your help and I shall retain your contact information as a most helpful individual in this field. 

Martin, 22 Apr 2016 

Flight Training – Great afternoon yesterday. Thank you for your support, it really was a breath of fresh air at your club.