Can I fly to France / other countries?

Yes, if you hold an UK CAA or EASA PPL licence.

Various flight plans and customs arrangements have to be met and so we would be happy to arrange a “Cross Channel Check Out” showing you all the actions to be completed. Le Touquet is less than an hour away from Shoreham and is a very popular destination!

What is fuel duty drawback?

Fuel duty drawback can be claimed on overseas flights on all fuel that was purchased within the UK.

Note that you will be required to provide proof by receipts that all fuel claimed for must have been purchased within the UK since the aircraft’s last trip abroad.

You can find out more information on duty drawback from this Government website, including the correct form and rates.

At Shoreham Aviation, we allow the pilot to claim the full fuel duty drawback, which makes flying overseas an even more inviting proposition!

How do I file a Flight Plan?

Unless the flight plan (FPL) is not completed exactly as required, it will be rejected by the ATC computer system.

What are the procedures?

Pilots of all international flights from Shoreham are required to fill out a GAR Report Form.
Pilots and passengers who have an EU passport require 4 hours’ notice, all others require 24 hours and include photocopies of passport visas.

The GAR should be saved and emailed to the following addresses: and

Remember, all times MUST be UTC.



Pilots of such flights must give prior notice to Surrey Police Special Branch either by phone on 01483 482436/7 (Monday to Friday, 0800-1630) or using the GAR Form, which should be emailed to

At least 24 hours’ notice is required for flights operating Tuesday to Friday, flights over the weekend or Monday must be notified before 1600 on Friday.

What is “UTC” or “Zulu Time”

All flights are conducted using what was called GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), however this is now called UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). It can also be referred to as Zulu time, as the Zero-degree meridian through Greenwich is in the Zulu time zone.