Aircraft Maintenance

We can also accommodate your aircraft maintenance requirements:

  • Redhill Aircraft Maintenance and Aircraft Leasing Ltd (T/A Redhill Air) is a fully approved UK CAA CAO.
  • Redhill Aircraft Maintenance is a Diamond Aircraft and Thielert Diesel & Austro Diesel Engine Approved Service Centre and can Service Composite Aircraft.

Aircraft Leasing

Redhill Aviation offers both Cessna 152s and Piper PA28 Series (Warrior/Archer) for long-term lease.

Scope of Work

AircraftA2 Aeroplanes 5,700kgs & belowAlpha (Robin) Single piston engine series: DR100 series; DR200 series; DR300 series; DR400 series; HR100/200 series; R2000; R3000YesYes
Bolkow Single piston engine series: Bolkow 100; 107; 207; 209 & Bolkow Junior. Beagle B121 Pup series: Beagle 109YesYes
Cessna Single and Twin piston engine series (Lycoming, Diesel, Continental)YesYes
CPAC Inc (Rockwell Commander): 112 & 114 Single piston engine seriesYesYes
Diamond DA 40/42 series (Diesel and Austro)YesYes
Grumman American Single and Twin piston engine series: AA-1; AA-5; GA-7YesYes
Maule Single piston engine series: M5; M6; M7; MX7; MXT7YesYes
Piper Single and Twin piston engine series (Lycoming, Continental Diesel, Continental)YesYes
Partenavia / Vulcanair series: P64; P68YesYes
(Hawker Beechcraft) Beech Single and Twin piston engine series: 33 & 58; and C-90 & B200YesYes
EADS Socata Single piston engine series: TB9; TB10; TB20; TB21YesYes
Slingsby T67 series; including T51; T53; T59; T61;T65 and T66YesYes
SIAI Marchetti: S205 series; including SF260YesYes
All Group 3 Metal & Composite AircraftYesYes

Redhill Aircraft Maintenance Contact Details

Redhill Aircraft Maintenance & Aircraft Leasing Ltd (T/A Redhill Air)
 Crabhill Lane, Redhill Aerodrome, Kings Mill Lane, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 5PG.

T: 01737 822855
M: 07850 264864