Don’t just take our word for the fun you’ll have!!!!

Graham, 16 August 2019

I had a fantastic 30 minute aerobatic flight. Booked through Red Letter Days (it is cheaper to book direct – lesson learnt!!). All the staff were friendly and the pilot put me at ease.

The aerobatics were great but over quickly – this was a great taster to make sure you will like it, but 60 minutes would give more aerobatics.

The best part was the fantastic views – you could see the coast and Wembley.

Highly recommend Redhill Aviation and the experience

Dilan, 15 August 2019

Had a lovely hour flying with Geoff, taking in the sights and also having a good go on the controls. The instructor made me feel at ease despite turbulence. And was very knowledgeable about the sights. The lesson was very insightful also, so much so that I’m considering further lessons

Andy, 24 July 2019
I was given a flight/aerobatic experience for my birthday and today was the day to experience the event.
I had pre booked many weeks ago and the day finally came around. The weather was clear and sunny with only a few clouds, in fact a really great day for flying.
On arrival we were greeted by a very friendly receptionist and completed the usual forms. I was then introduced to my pilot/instructor, Laurance Harley, he was brilliant as he put me at ease immediately.
The 1 hour experience starts when the plane, a Cessna Aerobat, starts moving, I was shown how to move the plane on the ground using the pedals. Laurance took the plane up and once in the sky showed me the different ways to fly the plane, this was brilliant as it is something I have never done before.
After the flying, we moved on to the aerobatics, and quite frankly, was the best experience I have ever had, what Laurance does with that plane is incredible and going from 4g to weightlessness is amazing.
Laurance did tell me what each manoeuvre was called but I have to apologise as I was so in awe as to what we were doing I can’t remember them.
After the aerobatic session was over, I was allowed to fly the plane back to near the airfield were upon Laurance took over and performed a perfect landing.
My family came to watch and could see the take off and landing but the aerobatics are carried out away from the airfield so cannot be seen. They had a good time because after I left they went to the cafe at the airfield and had a lovely breakfast.
Thank you everyone at Redhill Aviation Flight Centre for making this birthday present one I will never forget.

Neil, 24 June 2019
I was treated to a red letter day experience at this location. This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, getting to fly a cesna and the aerobatics was absolutely exhilarating. This small airfield had very friendly staff and there was no waiting around. I would highly recommend this location as a place to do these flight experiences and consider booking direct with them for a cheaper price. I will definitely return for the 1 hour flight.

Jack, 13 April 2019
This was bought as a birthday present and it was fantastic. The staff were really nice and very welcoming. You get to fly the plane and the aerobatics were OMG insane. The scenery was so lovely flying over the countryside. The café is great for relatives who come along to watch selling lovely homemade cakes. The only negative is the great British weather as you need a fine day to fly, not easy, after 7 bookings I finally got to do it and it was so worth the wait, Birthday soon so hopefully will be able to do it all over again.

Pascal, 22 October 2018
Air Experience Flight – Wow! what an amazing experience, my first flying experience behind the controls towards achieving my dream of being a commercial airline pilot. My brother bought me this flying experience for my 17th birthday. Booking the session was easy, the staff were very accommodating with my request. On the day, we were met by Toby who checked us in and confirmed my flight time. whilst waiting for the weather to improve, I had a very informative chat with Jim, giving me great advice on the best route to follow to achieve my ATPL. The actual flying experience with Fin my fight instructor, was one of the most memorable experiences. Fin was very knowledgeable with answering my questions throughout the flight.Will definitely be booking more lessons with this company.

CKD, 8 September 2018
Air Experience Flight – What a fantastic experience and one I’ll remember for a very long time. Our pilot was terrific and even trusted me enough to let me take the stick for a while. We saw loads of S.E. England and we enjoyed every single minute of it. If anyone is short of ideas for a present for a family member then you won’t do better than to buy a voucher for an hour’s flight. Marvellous!!!!

DS, 13 August 2018
Aerobatic Experience – My daughter Ami, 9 has never been in an aeroplane and it’s always been her dream to fly. When we came to Redhill Aviation for my husband to complete his aerobatic flight for his Father’s Day gift, he saw how excited Ami was and gave the experience to her. Simon put us all at complete ease – a difficult task with such a worrying mother like myself – and went through everything step by step with Ami to make sure she knew what she was signing up to before taking off.

Ami had the most amazing time and completed the full aerobatic flight. She’s still talking now about the loop the loops, flying the plane herself and talking to everyone on the radio.

Ami got a certificate at the end of the experience and Simon took a GoPro up in the plane with him so for just £15.00 we got to buy the video – an absolute bargain to witness our daughter fulfil one of her dreams.

Thank you again to Simon and the team at Redhill Aviation for giving our family an experience to remember forever. We will definitely be back soon because my husband isn’t getting out of it that easily! Jason A, 3 August 2018

30 Minute Aerobatic Experience – I was bought a gift aerobatic flight experience and wow. It was only half an hour of flying but what a great time, Simon my pilot was great, not only very skilled as a pilot but very humble, and a great sense of humour that made the whole experience even better. I would 100% recommend this company and their skilled pilots . Thank you

Neil BP, 6 July 2018
30 Minute Aerobatic Experience – Absolutely buzzing following a fantastic aerobatic flight. Great fun and a terrific experience would definitely recommend

LD, East Sussex, 6 May 2018
Air Experience Flight – Had a 30 minutes experience flight on a glorious sunny morning and it exceeded all expectations. Instructor Mark was great, really friendly and explained everything in just enough detail. Hadn’t realised I would be at the controls so long, pretty much from top of take-off climb to just before approach for landing, so that was a real treat. And the views – wow! Directly above Hever Castle & Chartwell, and wonderful countryside too. I thoroughly recommend it!

Manisha M, 29 June 2018
Air Experience Flight – We wanted our 10 year old boy to try a flight lesson so we had booked the session with Redhill aviation. Dirk (instructor) was very calm, friendly, patient and professional. In the flight my son was given controls and he flew the plane. It was an amazing experience for my son and he absolutely loved it. Would definitely recommend it.

Eduardo B, 11 June 2018
60 Minute Aerobatic Experience – I had the one hour aerobatic flying experience and it was amazing. The instructor was absolutely legendary, explaining exactly what we were doing and making you feel extremely safe. You instantly know you are in good hands. At the Centre, everyone’s enthusiasm for aviation is infectious and you know that you are dealing with people who are doing this for fun and not to squeeze out as much profit as they can from their customers. All in all, the experience was amazing and if you want to try aerobatic flying, booking with these guys is a great way to do it.

Marcus T, 10 June 2018
Aerobatic Experience – Had a flight with Laurance which was out of this world. Always felt safe, was able to fly most of it myself and got to do some great aerobatics. Can’t rate the instructor and the experience highly enough.

Kelly B, 18 May 2018
60 Minute Air Experience Flight – I had an hour flying lesson today, I was really quite scared before we took off. The instructor was absolutely brilliant. Within 5 minutes I just felt calm and relaxed. The instructor highlighted points of interest, landmarks and we went as far as Littlehampton, and the views of the sea were incredible. The explanations of all movement of the plane and the working systems was great. I enjoyed it and would not have a moments hesitation in recommending it to people who are hesitant or those considering training.

LD, 6 May 2018
30 Minute Air Experience Flight – Had a 30 minutes experience flight on a glorious sunny morning and it exceeded all expectations. Instructor Mark was great, really friendly and explained everything in just enough detail. Hadn’t realised I would be at the controls so long, pretty much from top of take-off climb to just before approach for landing, so that was a real treat. And the views – wow ! Directly above Hever Castle & Chartwell, and wonderful countryside too. I thoroughly recommend it !

M, 5 May 2018
60 Minute Aerobatic Experience – Absolutely brilliant experience – Laurance, the instructor, was excellent, knowledgeable and very friendly. I couldn’t recommend the 60 minute aerobatic experience more highly!

Joel, 10 February 2018
30 Minute Aerobatic Experience – Just a little note to say how grateful I am for making my visit so memorable yesterday. I honestly couldn’t have spent a Friday morning a better way.

All 3 of you made the whole experience so pleasure able from the minute I walked in the door, the jokes being cracked! Having looked back at the GoPro video, it seemed I did not stop smiling the entire flight! Thanks to the short time I spent with you, I am very keen to look at getting PPL now.

Special thanks to Laurance for your patience and sheer skill in the manoeuvres – I’ve never experienced anything like it!

I’ll hope to be back soon with some friends who are interested in flying and hopefully to look at working towards my PPL. Thanks again!

Mike, 6 February 2018
30 Minute Aerobatic Experience – Had a fantastic time in the C152 Aerobat. The instructor I had was brilliant. Did the 30 minute aerobatics experience as part of a birthday present! Great friendly group of people! Highly recommend.

Donald, 4 January 2018
Good morning Simon and Happy New Year from Armenia. I do hope you remember me from our flight from Redhill to Headcorn almost a year ago. My son now plays with his model airplanes and “Mister Simon” is always the name of the pilot.

Sally, 3 November 2017
Air Experience Flight – As a couple we paid a little extra for a flying lesson for two – the instructors are knowledgeable, highly experienced, supportive and friendly – the views across to London and the North Downs were amazing, and taking control of the plane felt an incredible achievement!! Fabulous – exhilarating and exciting! Highly recommend.

Chris, 27 October 2017
Air Experience Flight – Dear Captain Harley, many thanks for providing “O” with an excellent flying experience flight. He hasn’t stopped talking about what he refers to as one of the most exciting things he has ever done.

Obviously, “O” told us about everything he had done on the flight, but it was only when we saw the camera recording this evening that we appreciated the full extent of the degree to which he flew the aircraft; in particular with regard to take off, and his approach to landing other than the last 30 seconds.

Having discussed the matter we have decided to provide “O” with a ‘Flying Start Package.’ I say we, but he has already saved up a substantial part of the cost! We will be in touch with Redhill Aviation in January 2018.

Once again thank you for all your efforts and advice.

Toby, 9 October 2017
Air Experience Flight – I did the 30 minute flight experience in a C-152 and I would very strongly recommend it for anyone interested in aviation/a unique & interesting experience.

On a nice clear day you get fantastic views of London/Surrey. Staff are very professional & the process is simple – no messing around and fairly quickly straight to it.

Alex, 5 October 2017
Long Weekend Aircraft Rental – I had a very warm welcome in their offices today, really nice people working there who actually saw you as a person rather than just another client. Had a really nice check flight with Jim, who got me comfortable in their plane. They really pulled out all the stops, managed to sort a plane out for me for a whole weekend at very short notice what more can I possibly say? Absolutely wonderful – what more could you possibly want from a school or plane rental organisation?

Emma, 30 July 2017
30 Minute Aerobatic Experience – My partner and I each had 30 minutes aerobatics with Laurance. We loved every second. The manoeuvres were exhilarating and fun, Laurance was friendly, interesting and clearly knew what he was doing. Great views across the countryside. Thank you!

L from Kent, 18 June 2017
30 Minute Aerobatic Experience – A huge thank you to Laurance for a fantastic aerobatic experience !!! Wow Wow Wow !! Loops, dives, barrel rolls, lots of g force and experiencing zero gravity – all in half an hour! Thank you !!

C from London, 14 June 2017
30 Minute Aerobatic Experience – There are no words to describe the terrifying thrill of the aerobatic experience! This was something I wanted to do for a long time and finally my husband booked it for me for my Christmas present…. I was so excited, but when it came to the day I was so scared! However, all the staff at Redhill were so friendly and the pilot Laurance was so calming that I put my fears aside and went for it. I’ve never been so pleased to have done so! As soon as we were in the air, looking down at the countryside it just took my breath away, and then Laurance began the aerobatics. They were AWESOME!!!!!!!! So much fun, and Laurance told me which one he was going to do before starting it so I knew what was coming, but it didn’t matter I just wanted to keep going! I highly recommend to anyone who is thinking about doing this.

Kirste, 6 June 2017
I did the 30 minute aerobatic flight experience for my 30th birthday which was fantastic! My pilot – Laurance was friendly and professional and made me feel very comfortable prior and throughout the flight. He let me fly the plane before taking over for the aerobatic experience which was a complete adrenaline rush and the most exciting thing I have ever done (better than sky diving and bungee jumping) then he let me fly back to the flight centre – he landed the plane… I would highly recommend this experience to anyone and everyone and can’t wait to go back! Thank you Laurance for the best flight I have ever had!!

Masara, 3 June 2017
I had a 30 min aerobatics flight, it was amazing! I loved it very much! The pilot Jim was great, very knowledgable ,experinced and reassuring! .. everyone there is great and it’s located in a lovely area.. I definitely 100% recommend. 🙂 Masara x

Andla, 14 May 2017
30 Minute Aerobatic Experience – I had the most amazing flight and experience with Laurance. I was pretty terrified but excited when Laurance described what we were doing in half an hour in that tiny plane (loop, barrel roll, -ve G, plenty of G, stall the and fly the plane towards the ground and pull it back up into a roll!!!). It turned out to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life, from the very start you are made super welcome and very quickly become very relaxed with the experience, qualifications, passion for flying and awesome funny personalities. I couldn’t recommend the aerobatics flight with Laurance (and I’m sure the rest of their team) enough. Will definitely be back!! Thanks guys 🙂

Chris, 12 April 2017
PPL proficiency check – Just a short note to thank you for checking me out today Laurance. Your relaxed yet professional (and understanding!) approach very much appreciated. Thanks again.

Lee, 10 April 2017
Aerobatics – One of the best experiences ever. Friendly and polite, the pilots are skilled and knowledgeable. I would hugely recommend to anyone to try the stunt acrobatic experience, and Laurance is a great pilot and an unforgettable day.

Jørgen, 7 April 2017
Aerobatics – After visiting Redhill Aviation Flight Centre, I have only good things to say about them! The highly experienced pilot Laurance Harley brought the Cessna C152 aerobat up to new dimensions by navigating the airplane into all the loops and rolls, including zero-G. I will no doubt visit the centre again and recommend it to all who think airplanes are exciting. They also had a really nice café-area for visitors to sit and watch all the flying experiences.

Al, 4 April 2017
PPL Training – Without a doubt, Redhill Aviation is the best flying club. I have been a flying student previously for achieving PPL in Scotland (used different airfields) and can say with my experience that Redhill is the best in all aspects. I achieved my PPL from Redhill. The staff are good and friendly. Instructors are very helpful and approachable. Everyone is very supportive. Experience flights for my friends have been great as well. Very professional and friendly club.

Alison, 19 February 2017
30 Minute Air Experience Flight – We bought a 30 minutes flight experience for our plane-mad 12 year old son. Everyone was so welcoming and his pilot Laurance made the experience a truly unforgettable one, he loved every minute and we could not recommend them more highly.

Sophie, 3 February 2017
Air Experience Flight – “Best present ever!” said my partner after his birthday!

Lyndsay, 31 January 2017
30 Minute Air Experience Flight – We bought a flying lesson for our sixteen year old son, Joe. We kept it as a surprise for him but all the family turned out to watch! We chose a one-on-one lesson and we were not disappointed. After a briefing with the pilot, Laurance, we all went outside for the obligatory photo session! Then he was off! Flying! We watched the plane disappear into the horizon! It was not until they returned that we learnt Joe had actually had control of the plane for the majority of the flight! I’ve never seen him grin so wide, he absolutely loved the experience and has great pleasure now telling people he can fly a plane! It was an amazing day. Everyone was very friendly and Joe said he felt totally reassured all the time. It was great for the rest of us on the ground to see all the other helicopters and planes taking off and landing. I can thoroughly recommend this experience.

Aeryn, 30 January 2017
PPL Training – From my first email contact with Redhill Aviation, the team there have always been super friendly, efficient and professional. After booking a 30 minute trial flight with them I was hooked and am now about half way through my private pilot’s licence course at Redhill.
If you have ever dreamed of becoming a pilot or if you just want to experience the thrill of flight in a light aircraft, Redhill Aviation is a great place to start.

Edward, 1 December 2016
IMC lesson – Thank you Laurance for the lesson on Sunday, I loved it and it has only made me want to fly more.

Sophie, 30 November 2016
30 minute Air Experience Flight – I bought this as a present for my partner. I thought it was very good value and really easy to make the arrangements. We had one cancellation due to the weather but it was the perfect day for flying second time around. Very friendly people, both on the ground and in the air. Great views over Hever Castle. My partner said it was the best birthday present he has ever had – and you can’t do much better than that! Highly recommended.

էդդ, 24 August 2016
Aerobatics – Had a fantastic flying experience with Simon, an ultra-experienced pilot (thanks Simon!), at Redhill Aviation yesterday. A must do – even if it takes a day to recover after aerobatics!

Steve, 18 August 2016
Aerobatics – Went up for an aerobatics flight. Really good experience and Simon the pilot was amazing.

Tom, 17 August 2016
Aerobatics Experience Flight (the second in a week!) – I had an awesome time again and hope to come back sometime in the future. Definitely the highlight of my two weeks off!!

Many thanks to Simon who was an awesome instructor and great to fly with!

Roshni, 14 August 2016
Air Experience Flight – I cannot thank Paul enough for our experience today. He went above and beyond. As a family of 14, we travelled to the Redhill Aviation Flight Centre today and Paul was magnificent. The best customer service I’ve ever experienced. Paul was so accommodating to our needs and made sure we had a day to remember. My dad was taken up in the air and he says he had an awesome time flying the plane! Thank you Geoff for looking after our Dad and creating a wonderful memory for him. Once again thanks Paul, you were awesome 😃 ps: the Go Pro footage was great!! I shall send you a shortened down version of the clip soon 👍�

Julie, 8 August 2016
Air Experience Flight – I would just like to express my thanks to Ross, who was my instructor for my flying experience on Saturday. He was friendly, and made me feel completely safe during the whole of the flight. It was an amazing experience that will stay with me. I will be back when I have the money for my pilot’s licence.

Simon, 24 July 2016
PPL training – From first flight to Pilots Licence success, Redhill Aviation have been the backbone of my flying. They operate with a friendly club style vibe, whilst still giving the professional tuition you would expect from any flying school.

At the club building you are greeted by friendly staff, there’s always a cuppa on offer and a chat about something ‘aviation’.

The instructors are highly knowledgeable of the aircraft, flight operations and the local area. For most it’s a passion not just a job and this certainly comes through in the training I received.

I’d wholeheartedly recommmend this club for anyone from an experience flight, private pilot training and more!

Tony, 15 July 2016
In 2012 I retired after 43 years of professional flying. A few years later, missing recreational flying, I decided to reactivate my private licence. I flew a series of re-familiarisation flights (having not seen a light aircraft for 29 years!) followed by a ‘skills test’ with Redhill Aviation. Their training package was expertly tailored to my needs with comprehensive briefings and patient flying sessions conducted in an efficient and friendly atmosphere. Having instructed myself for many years, I can wholeheartedly recommend Laurance and his team. Why not try a trial lesson….?

David, 15 May 2016
Thank you Laurance for your help and I shall retain your contact information as a most helpful individual in this field.

Martin C, 22 Apr 2016
Flight Training – Great afternoon yesterday. Thank you for your support, it really was a breath of fresh air at your club.

Thomas S, 30 Sep 2015
30 Minute Light Aircraft Flight – The pilot made me feel at ease was very informative I will remember this experience for a long time!

Alex R, 08 Sep 2015
Aerobatics – Incredible hour spent. Pilot and organiser were helpful and massively informative! The flight itself was a unforgettable experience and left me wanting to do it all over again!

Samantha C, 20 Jul 2015
Aerobatics – I bought this for the husband’s birthday surprise and he LOVED it! I was worried when I booked it that he’d only get to do a couple of tricks but he was allowed to do the controls on take off and landing and did loads of tricks! He’s not much of a talker normally but I couldn’t shut him up after! Can’t fault a single thing!

Carrie, Jul 2015
Bought the ‘With a spin’ flight at Redhill for my boyfriend’s birthday. He absolutely loved it and the pilot – Jim – made the experience.

James B, 22 Jun 2015
Aerobatics – The experience was exactly as described. Seeing the ground through the roof of the aeroplane cockpit was grin inducing 🙂

Thomas A, 07 Jun 2015
Aerobatics – 10/10 for the flying experience, worth every penny.

Paul K, 27 Apr 2015
Aerobatics – Very helpful! Excellent flight, an amazing experience!

Victoria S, 06 Apr 2015
Aerobatics – Was such an amazing experience and the staff were so friendly and professional. It is a day I will never forget!

Andy C, 21 Dec 2014
60 Minute Light Aircraft Flight – Thank you for the hour’s lesson today and thank you to Laurance for being so great in explaining everything I really enjoyed the flight!

Erika P, 30 Oct 2014
30 Minute Light Aircraft Flight – Had such a great time even though the weather was not so great. Would definitely do it again. Fab! Fab! Fab!

Richard N, 29 Jul 2014
Aerobatics – It was a fantastic experience everybody should try it. People at the air field was very friendly and helpful!

Nicola G, 01 Jul 2014
30 Minute Light Aircraft Flight – Our 11 year old was treated to a flight by his grand parents. He was able to take off, fly for 25 mins. & then land too. One very happy lad!

Janet E, 25 Jun 2014
30 Minute Light Aircraft Flight – This was the first time I’d flown and I really enjoyed it,we flew over my house and our local land marks, the pilot was excellent and explained everything clearly, I would strongly recommend this experience.

Steve W, 12 May 2014
30 Minute Light Aircraft Flight – All staff very friendly and welcoming, basic flight theory and safety talk by the pilot before flight and full hands-on experience during the flight. Very good.

Hazel W, 14 Apr 2014
Aerobatics – The instructor in this experience really made the day. I got to fly the plane and really felt like the time was well spent! I would recommend this to everyone, especially if you have a fear of flying as I felt extremely safe! I was worried I would be too scared and not want to do everything however I did everything I wanted to and the experience was out of this world. The negative G Force made it feel like you were in space! Overall a brilliant experience that I would recommend to everyone.

Richard S, 20 Aug 2013
30 Minute Light Aircraft Flight – It was a thrill to take the controls of the plane, and fly over our house and take a photo of it.

Edwin P, 12 Aug 2013
30 Minute Light Aircraft Flight – Brilliant! From start to finish, felt really safe. Took the controls for while and the instructor made me feel very comfortable, especially at my age 70! Will certainly have another go!

Janet G, 07 Aug 2013
60 Minute Light Aircraft Flight – Extremely happy with the flight and trusted the pilot implicitly as he is an Air Traffic Controller in everyday life. It was fun to take controls of the plane as well which gives everyone a great experience.

Douglas K, 06 Aug 2013
30 Minute Light Aircraft Flight – Great to be at the sharp end of a plane, views fantastic.

Robert N, 28 Jul 2013
60 Minute Light Aircraft Flight – Really good time everyone was friendly and helpful and the pilot was a legend. Didn’t want it to be over but the missus and kids were waiting for my return. Would recommend to anyone else and I will be going again myself for sure.

Josh C, 21 Jul 2013
30 Minute Light Aircraft Flight – I’d love to do this every day!

David D, 10 Jul 2013
30 Minute Light Aircraft Flight – It was a very enjoyable experience and if I could, I would do it again.

Paul C, 01 Jul 2013
30 Minute Light Aircraft Flight – Excellent!

Peter R, 15 Jun 2013
30 Minute Light Aircraft Flight – Well worth doing. I can recommend it to anyone. Even if you only have one lesson it will be something you will never forget.

Sandra D, 03 Jun 2013
Exactly as hoped for. Really nice pilot. Good customer service at the centre. A great venue.

Julian B, 27 May 2012
This was a first for many things (such a small plane, taking the controls and the aerobatic manoeuvres took things to another level). Laurance was a great pilot, calmly explaining things, letting me shape things and getting me down safely! Great experience.

Mark E, 15 Apr 2012
The aerobatics was one if the best experiences ever! Once I was up in the plane, I steered it and then the pilot took over control again and performed the most amazing aerobatics ever. The 30 minutes disappeared and it felt like we was only up there for 5 minutes. It was excellent. The staff and crew were all professional and the flight was amazing.

Daniel S, 17 Oct 2011
I have flown in small aircraft before but never knew they were capable of this. It was quality. You do need a strong stomach if you are not used the G’s. The pilot was really good and made sure I was ok. Felt a little icky after the last manoeuver but it was still great. Recommended!!!

Dennis B, 14 Oct 2011
Wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, so it took months before I arranged it, then absolutely loved the experience and haven’t stopped talking about it since.

Paul H, 20 Jun 2011
My instructor was great. He instantly put me at ease by talking me through everything that was going on. He let me take the controls, having first described what they did, whilst we headed towards free airspace. Having handed back the controls(!) the manoeuvres were simply awesome, the 2 loop the loops surprisingly graceful and the stall turn just great. All the manoeuvres listed were carried out at least once and there was even time to fit in 6 seconds of negative G. It was everything I had hoped for. If you’ve always wondered what it’s like to fly upside down this is for you, go for it.

Jane R, 12 Jun 2011
I really enjoyed the experience. It is great for anyone who does not shy away from extreme sport and challenge full of adrenaline.

Kieron L, 29 May 2011
The greeting at Redhill was friendly and informal. My instructor explained everything really clearly and before we knew it I was taking off. I felt really comfortable knowing that my instructor was at hand and piloting the plane while doing the loop the loop was the best thing ever. The only downside was that Redhill Aerodrome was a bit tricky to find.

Julia T, 10 May 2011
I owe you an apology for doubting the intensity of this experience. It was intense alright, and brilliant. The pilot was professional and friendly, and let me know exactly what was happening and when. Outstanding.

Karl B, 21 Apr 2011
The aerobatic flight was huge fun. My instructor was friendly, interesting and polite. He explained exactly what we were going to do throughout and pulled off one of the manoeuvres so well that we went back through our own air stream. The experience was exciting and I would definitely recommend it.

Michael K, 11 Mar 2011
If you like to experience our world from many different angles, then this wonderful exhilarating experience is for you. I have been on gliders, helicopters, hot-air balloon, and other small aircraft many times but this was like nothing I had experienced before! Truly memorable, but a trip on Concorde years would take some beating. So I can recommend this as a very well worth trying experience.

Verity H, 20 Sep 2010
I received the aerobatic flight experience for my eighteenth birthday and I can honestly say that it has got to be one of the most breathtaking things I have ever experienced! My pilot was very polite and put me at ease very easily and provided an amazing flight! One of the best days of my life by far! Thank you Red Letter Days and Redhill Aviation!

Ben T, 06 Jul 2010
From start to finish this experience is just unforgettable. The flight was at Redhill Aviation Centre and the pilot was impressive. I experienced so many different flight tricks and he made it just amazing. Definitely recommend it to anyone and I would love to do it again.

Michael B, 02 Sep 2009
After a quick introduction to the plane and how to strap myself in, we made our way across the field to the grass runway. Once in the air the pilot explained that the aerobatic tricks we did were completely up to how comfortable I felt during each trick. As we dropped down to pick up air speed my pilot rolled the plane over allowing 2 Gs to hold me in my seat whilst flipping me upside down and back up again. Next we looped the loop and seeing the ground above your head was a totally amazing experience. After climbing to 2,500 feet we then moved onto the stall dive. Climbing up vertically for a few seconds the plane slowly, then very quickly fell back to earth. Finally we completed the Cuban roll, a half loop the loop and then exiting into a flip. After all the G forces and aerobatics we headed for home with me flying the plane!

By Richard Hogwood
All the people we met at Redhill were polite friendly and the pilot was excellent – would recommend.

Florin M
Amazing – I was so scared to do this. Once I got to the centre all my nerves went and had the best experience ever. Friendly staff. Very safe. And something I want to do again and again.

Richard Birchman
Fantastic experience! Wonderful day! Thank you!

Gavin Aplin
Lovely hot day. I was made to feel very important. I was looked after very well and I will be booking another flight there again.

Rocky Nicholls
Incredible day, incredible instructor. In my top 25 of great days out. I would recommend this to others.

Mr R Smithies
Enjoyed the flight and was even able to fly over my own house!

Christine Suatton
A great experience. No need of more ‘stuff’ at my age – wanted something a bit different and memorable. I’ll never forget this – the views, the experience of being in a tiny plane and learning how to control it. The staff were so friendly and welcoming. Thank you!

A fantastic experience from beginning to end, made possible by staff expertise. Something I would never have dreamt of booking myself. It was not on my bucket list, however, all in all, yes a massive adrenaline rush!

Great fun, great experience, great people at Redhill Aviation.

Andrew Johnson
The instructor was excellent and I would highly recommend this experience as a Flight operator.

David Bennett
Experience of a lifetime – absolutely fantastic. The pilot was ace!